The photo that sums up my 2013: photobombed by Bean on my birthday, where she took my cake and ate it, too.

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The Package

That was awkward.

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Breaking Bad

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Silent Treatment

ManikaManila Tiangge
Alphaland Southgate Tower
October 26, 2013

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Ten to Uno

I’ve had a Jollibee party. I’ve had the entire crew of Italianni’s sing me Happy Birthday, even scored a kiss from one of the lovely girls. I’ve celebrated with friends in fancy restaurants, received gifts from all over the world. I’ve done all that. A lot can happen in ten years. It almost makes me feel immortal.

This year, there will be no such birthday carousing. Somewhere in the Philippines, people still have no food to eat, no houses to live in. My heart goes out to them. And I will give them what I could. Well, except maybe my clothes, which are too small and too silly.
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