Fingers, resin and real, will be crossed until July 15.

The Mistula graphic novel, In Likeness Of, is one of the finalists at the First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards presented by Neil Gaiman and Fully Booked.

Click on the photos to see the bigger picture.

In Likeness Of will be on display with the rest of the finalists for both the comics/graphic novel and short stories at the Rockwell Tent on July 15, 2006. The voting for the People’s Choice Award, judging and awarding will be held on the same day.

And here is where we ask you, dear friends: Would you perchance drop a ballot for Mistula before you shop or watch a movie with your friends at Rockwell? :)

Bella Lugosi and the less pretty Mistula crew will be at the event to thank you.

Thank you!