Our Joey said censorship on the Internet will lessen the amount of stupidity we’re exposed to everyday. She has lived without the Internet most of her life, pored through volume after volume of encyclopedia to do her homework, and waited for a book to be returned to the library before she can borrow it. She did alright; in fact, she did excellent in school. Back then, she did not have a blog. She did not show off what she wore on Lookbook. She was not distracted by senseless posts on Facebook and Twitter. The lack of Internet taught her patience, perseverance and focus on what needs to be done. She said too much freedom breeds mediocrity and people like Justin Bieber.

But like one of my readers said once, “Who cares what Joey thinks?”

Without the liberties granted by the Internet, I will just be a doll sitting in a cabinet. I’m honored to be on Wikipedia and Reference.com. It makes me feel credible and alive.

If only the law rids the web of idiots, leaving only beautiful things like this, which we may not have access to if SOPA and PIPA closes down YouTube.

The human world is so conflicted.