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Duel at High Noon

On Fully Articulated: Shikai Hitasura … well, someone who looks like Shikai Hitasura finally got the balls to challenge his archnemesis.

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Schismed together!

On Fully Articulated: Uno, Manx Minuet and Veritas pose for some proper group shots.


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Alright, look: This will be quick because my reception is rapidly failing thanks to the restoration and interference of said pest I was asked to rid the blog of originally. All backup codes have been resto..d and y.. … have your Uno retur..d… ……. …BACK! Somebody press SAVE. NOW.

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Shikai, you are such a genius. You found my code. 30 seconds to shutdown. But oh, you missed ONE little thing. I managed to hack this system because I found out that Uno’s code and mine are one. Therefore: You delete me. You delete Uno. Job well done. /ver.1 Any last words? If you missed the previous episodes of the Hacker Crossover between Fully_Articulated and See.No.Evil, please click on The Hacker Crossover under Categories on …

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To a certain Veritas: While you are not completely devoid of skills, I’m afraid to inform you that you still have some ways to go before you can come out and play with the big kids. Better luck next time? �If everyone would please sit tight momentarily while I finish cleaning up her traces on Uno’s system, I would appreciate it.

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